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We’re BR(air)XIT ready!

HPC is ready to support all types of businesses during the BREXIT transition period with more stock and a price freeze.
With uncertain times ahead, as BREXIT unfolds and talk of a possible third COVID-19 wave approaching in the new year, we wanted to provide a clear message about HPC plans regarding BREXIT.

Stock of air compressors and HPC KAESER spare parts

In preparation, we have built our stock levels at all our facilities across the UK in case there are delays at the borders. Our aim is to readily support customers with new air compressor systems and any HPC KAESER genuine spare parts requirements at any time.
In addition, the HPC network of distributors have also been increasing their stock levels to ensure their customers are covered too.

Air compressor hire near me?

We have expanded our hire fleet as well for any short term needs during the BREXIT transition period, as businesses throughout the supply chain adapt and change.
Whether you need the equipment for a short time, or over a longer period, HPC HIRE AIR now has a larger fleet of compressors, blowers, portable air and additional components such as compressed air treatment products for rental across the UK.

We’re BR(air)XIT ready, are you? For more information, contact your local HPC distributor.