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What’s in the box? The helping hand HPC Compressors gave to Big Ben restoration project

Elizabeth Tower, the home to Big Ben, one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks, recently underwent necessary restoration – an important and challenging job, that HPC Compressors is proud to have been involved in.

Longstanding HPC Compressors customer, Universal Coatings (UK) Ltd, was commissioned by the main contractors, Sir Robert McAlpine Special Projects, to remove the signs of decay and deterioration that the tower is naturally exposed to.  

HPC Hire Air supplied a plug and play, containerised solution and connected that to an Eco fluid tube compressed air distribution system, running the 96M height of the Elizabeth tower. The compressed air was primarily used for media blasting, using environmentally sympathetic techniques to remove many layers of degraded coatings from the structures, including the belfry and clock faces.

All self-contained, pre-installed, ready-to-connect compressed air containers from HPC Compressors are designed for internal or external placement. Once electricity, and compressed air and wastewater lines have been connected, the containers are ready for operation. HPC KAESER offers individual compressors, blowers, and equipment for compressed air treatment for lease, purchase, and rental.

To find a turnkey or bespoke compressed air solution to suit your application-specific requirements, please contact us to speak with an HPC KAESER specialist.