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Dry-running FSG Series oil free screw compressors with integrated i.HOC rotary dryer

FSG500-2 RD i.HOC

The HPC KAESER i.HOC is the epitome of efficiency and reliability. The integrated rotary dryer for dry screw compressors provides a reliable, steady supply of oil-free compressed air, with pressure dew points down to -30 °C, even under unfavourable conditions. It even saves energy for good measure. Combined with the largest range of HPC KAESER oil-free rotary screw compressors, the FSG Series, the product line is now complete.

With its patented i.HOC (integrated heat of compression dryer), HPC KAESER has succeeded in launching a desiccant dryer that utilises 100% of the available hot compressed air from the second compression stage to directly regenerate its desiccant. The advantages of this full-flow regeneration make the i.HOC particularly innovative and efficient in comparison to other manufacturers. This guarantees stable pressure dew points, even in unfavourable conditions, such as low final discharge pressure, high ambient temperatures or reduced utilisation. The integrated controller also adjusts the i.HOC to any change in operating conditions, for example variations in compressed air flow, working pressure or ambient temperature.
Dew point regulation ensures stable pressure dew points
For particularly sensitive compressed air applications, HPC KAESER offers optional pressure dew point regulation for all FSG Series, oil-free rotary screw compressors with an integrated i.HOC. Should the cooling conditions deteriorate, perhaps due to rising ambient temperatures, the dew point regulation registers the resulting pressure dew point increase and boosts the dryer's regeneration potential accordingly. This ensures that the pressure dew point is optimised. Thus, the dew point regulation is ideal for air cooled compressors. It offsets the daily and seasonal fluctuations in the cooling air temperature, thereby achieving constant pressure dew points.
Three in one – compressor, compressed air dryer and heater

Apart from the i.HOC, the water-cooled FSG Series option boasts a highly efficient, integrated heat recovery system, which helps to use the available compression heat twice: once in the i.HOC to dry the compressed air and again via the integrated heat recovery to heat process or hot water up to 90°C. An automatic, fail-safe cooling system protects the compressor – and thus the compressed air supply – from excessively high water temperatures.

Savings have never been easier
The highly integrated design of the FSG i.HOC saves both space and costs for an external dryer pipework, without compromising on access for service technicians. Saving money has never been easier.