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HPC air compressors cut the mustard at Condimentum’s food processing mill

Condimentum’s new innovative mustard mill and mint processing facility in Norwich, UK, features one of the latest HPC KAESER air compression systems to remove any risk of lost production or product spoilage, while optimising energy efficiency.

Clean, dry, and reliable compressed air is essential for Condimentum’s state-of-the-art production facility that uses up-to-date technologies to process fresh, locally produced raw materials into food ingredients. The facility is one of only three worldwide that is capable of producing double superfine mustard flour, a key ingredient in Colman’s English Mustard.

Condimentum was created in 2018 through agreement with Unilever to replace their primary processing facilities in Norwich. Today, the company’s main customer is Unilever who use the ingredients in their world-famous mustard paste and mint sauce. This continues a long local legacy, with some of the local growers having supplied Colman’s for over 100 years.

“The scope of the project was complex, requiring a new compressed air system, complete with the associated compressed air ring main as a complete turnkey solution,” says Steve Holman from HPC, suppliers of the distinctive “yellow-box” compressed air systems. “We helped minimise overall plant noise levels, to create a better working environment, and have allowed for higher volumes of compressed air if required due to future expansion.”

The HPC compressed air system provides sustained delivery pressure to the factory processing equipment (7.5bar at plant room exit) and the compressed air management and control system intelligently selects compressors to avoid pressure dips on start-up.  There is also remote access and control.

“The performance of the new HPC KAESER compressed air system has exceeded our expectations,” says Graham Muff, Site Engineer at Condimentum. “The system operates quietly and unobtrusively allowing us to concentrate on our business and the productivity of our various operations, while minimising product spoilage.”

HPC installed the latest HPC KAESER ASK40 air cooled rotary screw compressor, each with a capacity of 4.06m³/min or 143 cfm to provide a reliable source of energy efficient, quality compressed air that delivers the required volumes day in, day out, and around the clock if necessary.

The units are inter-linked via a communication cable and configured to work on a programmed duty / rotate cycle. The SIGMA control system optimises energy efficiency, especially in partial load operation.

The installation also features HPC KAESER refrigerant dryers to reduce the pressure dew point of the air to 3degC to remove any moisture and a 2000 litre capacity galvanised steel vertical air receiver for compressed air storage. A point of use desiccant dryer further reduces the pressure dew point of the air to -40degC, a critical requirement for the system.

“We are particularly grateful for the team’s professionalism and expert assistance,” continues Graham. “The system is performing exactly as we were promised, while both the after sales and service support that we are receiving continues to give us what we need.”

Mark Jackson, Director of Business Development at HPC adds: “Customers are increasingly focused on energy efficiency, both to control costs and reduce their impact on the world’s natural resources. The result at Condimentum is an effective, energy-efficient compressed air system that successfully meets their demands and lowers their environmental impact.”

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