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Installers UK opts for portable HPC air compressors for insulation jobs

Installers UK, an insulation installer is now using one of the latest HPC KAESER portable air compressors for cavity wall insulation injection.

With teams based in Ipswich, Derby, Lancashire, Northampton and North Wales, Installers UK works across the country. To date, the company has helped over 18,000 home-owners to receive energy efficiency measures on their properties through home insulation.

A clean and reliable supply of compressed air is essential for Installers UK’s day-to-day activities which include numerous cavity wall insulation projects.

“We saw HPC at an exhibition and were completely sold on the mobile compressor within about 20 minutes,” says Stuart Simmonds, Operations Director at Installers UK. “The average cavity wall insulation job can take anything between 3-4 hours on any given day, so a quality mobile air compressor is essential to ensure that the insulation is inserted correctly and efficiently.”

With the help of the HPC KAESER M43-7 portable compressor, not only is there a continuous and reliable supply of clean air available on demand, but jobs can be finished quicker than expected.

The process involves injecting material in the spaces between the walls using compressed air. The insulation is made up of small polystyrene beads (known as EPS beads) which provide a thermal barrier for the property.

“The M43 is an ideal choice for Installers UK,” says Wyn Jones, HPC Area Sales Manager. “Its premium quality components ensure trouble-free operation whatever the temperature."

Trouble-free operation whatever the application

The M43 mobile air compressor features a specially designed energy-saving SIGMA profile airend, which is directly driven by a water-cooled four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. Direct drive eliminates the transmission losses associated with other systems, consequently providing more air for less fuel, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

“This compressor is the perfect option for businesses on the go,” says Wyn. “Powerful doesn’t necessarily mean heavy. The M43 has a low operational weight of less than 750kg and is therefore incredibly simple to manoeuvre and transport.”

The team at Installers UK chose to work with HPC due to their vast knowledge of compressed air systems and experience in mobile air compressors for cavity wall insulation injection.

“Wyn at HPC was extremely helpful and continuously on-hand if we ever needed any support or had any questions,” says Stuart at Installers UK. “He came out to site with the compressor and checked that it worked correctly. What’s more, HPC compressors are tried and tested.”

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