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Powerful - Efficient - Versatile - The New MOBILAIR M118


The powerful combination of a high efficiency HPC KAESER SIGMA PROFILE rotary screw airend and a fuel-saving Deutz drive engine certified in accordance with EC Directive 2004/26, Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 final delivers pure air for more than just emissions-free zones. The M118 features exhaust gas treatment with an oxidation catalytic converter and an SCR system.

Together with additional innovative details, such as pXv control, the M118 is a powerful and efficient package delivering 11.5 to 10.2 m³/min (405 to 360 cfm) from the impressive Deutz water cooled 4-cylinder TCD 3.6 LO4 engine. Adjustable in steps of 0.1 bar, the M118 delivers pressure between 5 and a maximum of 10.3 bar, features four compressed air outlets (3 off G3/4 and 1 off G1 ½), a 170 litre fuel tank and an operational weight of 2020kg.

This versatile portable compressor can be perfectly matched to meet the needs of the relevant application. Together with a wide range of available compressed air treatment components the unit will always provide the required compressed air quality. Moreover, the selection of a fixed chassis with run-on brake, as well as stationary models on skids or machine mounts, means that the M118 can be perfectly adapted to suit any operating environment.

At the heart of every MOBILAIR system is a premium quality airend featuring HPC KAESER’s renowned energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE rotors. The airend rotors’ optimised flow characteristics provide more compressed air for less energy.

Simple to operate the SIGMA CONTROL MOBIL controller assures exceptionally intuitive operation, as only 3 buttons are required to operate the compressor. Infinitely variable pressure adjustment takes immediate effect and is set using the arrow keys. This advanced compressor controller ensures optimised compressed air availability, fuel efficiency and exhaust gas management using state-of-the-art electronic engine management. Functions include operating mode display, monitoring and system diagnostics. The control panel is protected by a durable, lockable metal cover.

For condensate-free compressed air, an optional aftercooler cools the compressed air to 7 °C above ambient temperature. Accumulated condensate is able to drain away easily, as the aftercooler is installed at an angle, whilst the hot exhaust gases from the engine are also used to aid condensate evaporation. Versions with the additional option of return heating enable infinite adjustment of the desired temperature.
Depending on the specific application, the M118 can also be equipped with a microfilter combination for technically oil-free compressed air, such as required for blasting applications. This option delivers compressed air with an oil aerosol content of less than < 0.01 mg/m³ as per ISO 8573-1.

The M118 is well-equipped for continuous gruelling construction site duty under the harshest of conditions. Even the standard version is capable of operating in an ambient temperature range from -10 °C to +45 °C. The optional low-temperature versions feature engine coolant preheating, whilst synthetic cooling fluid is used for the airend.

Launching in the UK at PLANTWORX 2019 the M118 is set to impress in the demanding 11.5m³/min (405 cfm) market sector.