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Air Quality Monitoring and Measurement


The SafeGuard is the latest addition to the HPC range of Air Quality Monitoring & Measurement systems. This configurable test instrument is available for monitoring either atmospheric or compressed-air supplies (up to 10 barg).

  • Up to 6 different sensors can be fitted to suit a client’s individual requirements.
  • As standard the compressed-air version is fitted with a dewpoint meter rated down to -20°C PDP.
  • The HPC SafeGuard has a volt free contact to allow it to be used for a range of scenarios such as sounding an external alarm or shutting down the compressor.
  • Alarm settings and the datalog file can be configured by the user over a wireless interface.
  • Designed for challenging ambient light conditions the large 3.5” LCD display shows live sensor readings. If any of these exceed the configurable alarms levels they automatically change colour to indicate which of them are now in alarm. At the same time a 360° edge light will warn users who cannot directly see the screen that the unit is in alarm.

  • Depending on the number of sensors fitted the user can display the sensor readings in a variety of formats.
  • The instrument can be powered directly from a 110/230V mains supply via an adapter (12/24V AC/DC). The SafeGuard incorporates rechargeable batteries as a back-up providing up to 8 hours of run time.
  • The SafeGuard can be configured using a local WiFi connection which is available from a smart phone/tablet device; this allows alarm readings and datalogging interval to be set.
  • The datalog can also be downloaded as a CSV file and includes the minimum, maximum and average sensor reading during the user selected datalogging interval.