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Combination Dryers

HYBRITEC – Cut costs with the best of both drying worlds

HYBRITEC compressed air dryers combine the extremely low pressure dew points of desiccant dryers with the energy-saving functionality of modern refrigerant dryers. The result: outstanding flexibility and huge energy cost savings. This means that the desiccant dryer can simply be switched off during periods where more moderate DTPs are required – such as in the summer months.

  • Reliably dry, cost-effective compressed air from 12 to 150 m³/min (DTE - DTL Series models)
  • Pressure dew point level can be set between −40°C and +3°C
  • Numerous configuration options
  • Optional special features (e.g. working pressure up to 16 bar, integration within container module, automatic summer/winter mode switching)


  • Maximum energy efficiency:
    HPC KAESER combination dryers only require some 50% of the energy required by heat regenerated desiccant dryers and – incredibly – just 20% of the energy used by heatless regenerated units
  • Cost-effective and precise, individual configuration options:
    Combination dryers can be configured for virtually any application from standard models in the dryer range – a solution that saves money and ensures outstanding operational reliability
  • Extremely low service costs:
    The lower load on the desiccant dryer within HYBRITEC dryers means desiccant replacement intervals can be as infrequent as every 10 years – and moreover, they require significantly lower quantities