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SECOTEC Series Energy-saving Refrigerant Dryers - 0.6 to 8.25 m³/min


Exceptional energy savers with stable pressure dew point performance

With their high efficiency storage control, SECOTEC Series TA - TB - TC & TD* refrigerant dryers dry compressed air tailored to your requirements to a dew point of 3 °C and ensure maximum efficiency at all times. A generously-dimensioned thermal mass enables operation with minimal material stress and assures stable pressure dew point performance.

  • Huge potential savings in partial-load operation and during work breaks
  • Highly durable and low-maintenance system design
  • Air-cooled versions for ambient temperatures up to 43°C


  • Energy Savings:
    Thanks to energy-saving control, in partial-load operation, excess cooling power can be temporarily stored in the thermal mass for later cooling without the need for power consumption
  • Long-term Reliability:
    The high-quality refrigerant circuit of SECOTEC Series refrigerant dryers assures reliable performance in ambient temperature up to +43°C. The large condensate separator and electronic ECO-DRAIN condensate drain provide reliable condensate removal during all load phases. Electrical equipment is compliant with standard EN 60204-1
  • Exceptionally Service-friendly:
    The enclosure was designed with easy component accessibility in mind, which helps to significantly reduce labour costs for maintenance and testing work

* The refrigerant dryer contains fluorinated R-134a refrigerant. The TA - TB -TC & TD Series models feature a hermetically-sealed refrigerant circuit.