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TCU Series Cold-air Refrigerant Dryers - 4.3 to 43.33 m³/min

TCU Series Cooling with dry compressed air

TCU-series* refrigerant dryers with hot gas bypass control are key components in processes requiring cold, dry compressed air at temperatures as low as 5°C. For instance, they are key to cooling moulded parts in glass and metal production.

  • Reliably dry compressed air from 4.3 to 43.33 m³/min (152 to 1530 cfm)
  • Compressed air discharge temperature: 5°C
  • Ambient temperatures up to +43 °C and compressed air inlet temperatures up to +55°C


  • Reliable high performance:
    All models are equipped with stainless steel plate-type heat exchangers and ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drains. Powerfully dimensioned refrigeration units and efficient condensate separators ensure a stable pressure dew point of 3°C
  • Convenient operation:
    The electronic controller (models TCU 118-2 and higher) features a two-line clear text display with ten selectable languages. Highly visible status indicators provide information about drying performance and current energy savings
  • Reliable remote monitoring:
    Floating contacts (optional on models up to the TCU 95-2) transmit various service and warning messages to master controllers.

* TCU Series refrigerant dryers contain fluorinated refrigerant. TCU 41-2 to TCU 95-2 models use R-134a refrigerant. TCU 118-2 to TCU 433-2 models use R-407A refrigerant.