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TH & TI Series Energy-saving Refrigerant Dryers - 37.5 to 90 m³/min

High-flow units designed for continuous operation – and cost reduction

HPC KAESER TH - TI Series refrigerant dryers are designed for continuous operation and allow operators of larger compressed air stations to take advantage of unimaginable energy savings. The dryer system not only features extremely low differential pressure, it also employs an innovative refrigerant compressor that continuously adjusts its power consumption: when air flow falls, so does power consumption!

  • Reliably dry compressed air from 37.5 to 90m³/min
  • For working pressures up to 16 bar
  • Air-cooling or water-cooling options
  • Optional FE microfilter for extremely high air purity


  • Huge savings in partial-load operation:
    Depending on the temperature to which compressed air is cooled, a cycled solenoid valve varies the size of the compression chamber of the refrigeration compressor, which consumes correspondingly less power in partial-load operation
  • Extremely low differential pressure:
    Generously dimensioned stainless steel plate-type heat exchangers ensure optimal differential pressure values, thereby further enhancing the energy efficiency of the system
  • Industrial quality control cabinet:
    HPC KAESER energy-saving refrigerant dryers are produced to EN 60204-1 and tested for electromagnetic compatibility according to the German EMC Act (EMVG). In contrast to equipment that is only tested to VDE 0700, they are designed to meet the high-test requirements of industrial processes