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THP Series High-pressure Refrigerant Dryers - 8.5 to 106.1 m³/min

THP Series: Extraordinarily reliable high pressure dryers up to 50 bar

THP Series refrigerant dryers* truly show their mettle when maximum reliability at high working pressures is required – such as in PET container production. High-quality components and excellent manufacturing ensure your units will enjoy premium moisture protection for the long-term – even at high ambient temperatures.

  • Reliably dry compressed air from 8.5 to 106.1 m³/min
  • For working pressures up to 50 bar
  • For ambient temperatures up to +43 °C


  • Long-term operational reliability:
    With a copper-soldered stainless steel plate-type heat exchanger and generously-dimensioned condenser and heat exchanger, THP Series refrigerant dryers deliver long-term reliability
  • Outstanding performance & low differential pressure values:
    All THP Series dryers perform with optimal differential pressure values thanks to their special flow-optimised pipework made of stainless steel
  • Condensate drains without pressure loss:
    The 45-bar models of the THP Series dryers are equipped as standard with a high-pressure version of the HPC KAESER ECO-DRAIN 12 condensate drain, which ensures reliable condensate drainage with zero compressed air loss and tangible energy savings

* THP Series refrigerant dryers contain fluorinated refrigerant. THP 8-50 to THP 283-45 models use refrigerant R-134a. THP 354-45 to THP 1061-45 models use refrigerant R-407A.