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ACT Series - Activated Carbon Adsorbers - 1.17 to 154.5 m³/min

ACT Series Group

Best air quality for continuous operation

HPC KAESER ACT Series Activated Carbon Adsorbers reliably remove oil vapours and odours. Installed downstream of compressed air drying and pre-filtration components, they attain Class 1 residual oil content as per ISO 8573-1, thereby protecting sensitive production processes.

Generous fill levels of high-quality activated carbon and enduring low pressure loss make the ACtT Series a highly cost-effective choice: the units can provide 12,000 hours of compressor operation without replacement of the activated carbon. An oil indicator fitted as standard indicates any operational disruptions.

  • Residual oil content within the concentration range 0 - 0.01 mg/m³
  • Flow rate 1.17 - 154.5 m³/min
  • Max. working pressure 10 bar / 16 bar and optionally, 48 bar


  • Significantly lower values than required by Class 1:
    Class 1 as per ISO 8573-1 is achieved with residual oil content as high as 0.01 mg/m³, yet Kaeser ACT desiccant dryers can deliver significantly lower residual oil content. This means consistently reliable compliance with limit values
  • Low maintenance costs:
    Kaeser ACT adsorbers have very long replacement intervals thanks to their generous dimensions and optimal flow dynamics through the highly effective activated carbon. They're also mounted in a protective and durable steel frame
  • Minimal pressure loss:
    Generously dimensioned inlet and outlet diameters ensure consistently low differential pressure, thereby enhancing cost-effectiveness.