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Aftercoolers, Heat Exchangers & Dryers

Aftercoolers / Exchangers & Dryers for Blowers

The perfect fit: Aftercoolers, Heat Exchangers & Dryers for HPC KAESER Blowers

HPC KAESER aftercoolers / heat exchangers and dryers are specifically designed for use with HPC KAESER blowers. They are designed for all applications requiring an upper limit on the process air temperature. In addition, it is possible to recover heat energy with aftercoolers / heat exchangers.

HPC KAESER offer two cooling concepts for aftercooling:

  • ACA Series - Air Cooling
    > For use when the ambient air is cool enough and without a water source
    > Air cooling (cross-flow heat exchanger) - from 150°C to 10°C above ambient
    > Max. airflow 30 Nm³/min - max. operating pressure 1 bar (g)
  • WRN Series - Water Cooling
    > For achieving very low temperatures
    > Water cooling (shell and tube heat exchanger) - from 160°C to below 30°C
    > Max. airflow 150 Nm³/min - max. operating pressure 1 bar (g)

The heated cooling air can be used for space-heating purposes, whilst the heated cooling water can be used in water treatment systems, for example, for drying sludge.


  • Full energy transfer:
    HPC KAESER aftercoolers / heat exchangers are specifically designed for use with HPC KAESER blowers. This keeps flow and pressure losses to an absolute minimum, therefore allowing all of the input energy to be available for further use
  • The right aftercooler / heat exchanger for every need:
    HPC KAESER will select the perfect aftercooler / heat exchanger for your specific pressure and temperature needs from a comprehensive product range. This means greater efficiency and a longer service life
  • Protection of temperature-sensitive bulk materials:
    HPC KAESER aftercoolers / heat exchangers reliably lower the air temperature. The quality of temperature-sensitive bulk materials such as baking mixes, animal feed or plastic granules is not compromised

HPC KAESER also offer drying concepts for blower and vacuum applications.

HPC KAESER’s intake air desiccant dryers reduce the pressure dew point of process air with minimum differential pressure, thereby preventing condensate formation.

 For further information and product detail, please contact HPC KAESER.