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COMPACT Rotary Blowers up to 200 kW

Compact Rotary Blower Installation

Smart design, compact rotary blowers - ready for immediate use

HPC KAESER COMPACT rotary blowers are optionally available as a complete package with integrated electrical equipment. This ensures easy commissioning and maintenance as well as reliable and economical operation:

  • Space-saving blowers – complete with sound enclosure. Modular concept permits easy expansion (models BB C to FB C and HB 950 C)
  • Also suitable for nitrogen conveying applications (CN versions) and hazardous environments (ATEX Certified versions)
  • Start Control (STC) option - installed in the control cabinet, STC features: a star-delta starter (with remote operation capability), a sound enclosure fan control, an operating hours counter and HPC KAESER CONTROL
  • OFC-type frequency control - OMEGA Frequency Control (OFC) enables infinite blower speed adjustment and, with the addition of a pressure sensor, also enables pressure regulation. The control unit coordinates operation of the frequency controller and the blower unit. Flexibility is further enhanced by the supplied signal output / input and Profibus connections
  • OFC and STC models as complete plug-and-play systems with integrated electrical controls and power supply: optionally available with a star-delta starter or variable speed control (STC and OFC versions)


  • Plug and play set-up saves time and money: 
    Blowers with integrated controls result in considerable savings for planning, installation, commissioning, data communication and certification
  • Safe and reliable conveying, optimised for your needs:
    A SIGMA CONTROL 2 (SC2) controller not only makes complete systems more efficient, it also continually monitors and transmits performance and status data. The result: Maximum reliability and availability
  • Compact footprint thanks to intelligent enclosure design:
    COMPACT blower with sound enclosure. In the STC version, units can be installed side by side, as maintenance access is at the front and air connections are located at the rear
  • Flexibility for outdoor installation
    Outdoor installation of HPC KAESER blowers is simple and inexpensive. Specially designed shield options protect the air inlet apertures against heavy rain and are equipped with a bird screen. A stainless steel shielding roof also provides protection against overheating through exposure to the sun

HPC KAESER ATEX Certified Blowers

Expertly engineered with a comprehensive approach to safety, design, energy efficiency and quality, HPC KAESER ATEX Certified Blowers are robust and ready for anything including operation in Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 22 (Dust) Hazardous Areas.

ATEX Blower - 310 x 179px copy.jpg A comprehensive range of ATEX Zone 2 / 22 certified singleblock blowers ensure maximum safety, reliability and flexibility within a hazardous environment. Each bespoke package is designed and certified in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU.

The HPC KAESER approach to safety design and quality guarantees optimal return on investment, outstanding energy efficiency and maximum availability combined with global support and a rapid response service and support network.

The range of HPC KAESER ATEX Certified explosion proof blowers (full product details in brochure P960ED) includes the following models:

BB69C - BB89C - CB111C - CB131C - DB166C - DB236C - EB291C - EB421C - FB441C - FB621C - FB791C

ATEX Machine Options Include:

  • Vacuum and pressure blower models
  • Available with sound enclosure
  • Zone 2 (3G) & Zone 22 (3D)
  • Configurable Switches, Sensors, Gauges & Enclosure Heaters
  • Zone 1 (2G) & Zone 21 (2D) on request

>> An ATEX Certified Blowers leaflet is available to view or download

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