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Turbo Blowers

True powerhouses with low maintenance requirement with HPC's large turbo blower packages

With their uniform design concept, HPC KAESER PillAerator turbo blower's  can be individually configured and expanded to meet your needs. They are easy to maintain and operate. 

KAESER PillAerator turbo blowers feature an impeller mounted directly on top of a vertically-arrayed drive shaft, which is suspended contact-free within a magnetic feld generated by a ring of permanent magnets and electromagnets. The magnetic bearings feature an electronic controller, which only allows movement around the rotational axis. This means that components are not subjected to any mechanical wear. The drive motor is airtight, so it cannot be contaminated by the ambient air – substantially increasing the machine’s operational reliability, availability and service life.

  • 150 kW and 300 kW options with flow rate's up to 267 m³/min, 16,000 m³/h, Pressure differential 0.3 to 1.3 bar
  • High-performance, energy-saving and low-maintenance blower packages with High Efficiency turbo scroll and ware-free magnetic bearings.
  • Oil-free and super quite - With a sound pressure level below 76 dB(A), PillAerator turbo blowers are incredibly quiet, and with the machine containing no oil it makes it remarkably simple to operate and completely maintenance-free!
  • Equipped with a SMART Intelligent control system for even more energy savings The blower can communicate with and receive direction from a control centre either via digital network or analogue signals. 
  • Up to 10 turbo blowers can be connected using a multi-blower controller, which serves to ensure that the optimum combination of blowers is in operation at any one time.


  • Energy Savings:
    Installing KAESER blowers can reduce both a company’s energy consumption and its CO emissions. Efficient, low-maintenance and quiet, they guarantee a reliable supply of compressed air for a wide
    variety of applications.
  • Ease of maintenance:
    Low-Maintenance with KAESER PillAerator Turbo Blowers featuring state of the are ware-free magnetic bearings and NO oil used in the entire package. 
  • Easy to operate with the the SMART Intelligent control system with up to 10 turbo blowers connected using a multi-blower controller.