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DHS Air-Main Charging Systems

Protecting compressed air quality – no overwhelming of the air treatment system

Compressed air treatment systems are designed for a certain rate of air flow which, when the system is operating at full load, pushes against the pressurised air in the air distribution network. However, should this resistance not be present, for example during periods of low load or downtime, it is possible that dryers and filters may be overwhelmed by the sudden surge in airflow that occurs when the system re-starts. DHS air-main charging systems reliably prevent this from occurring.

Thanks to a patented pulse width modulating control concept, every DHS air-main charging system is ready-prepared for all eventualities and combines exceptional operational reliability with straightforward operation.

  • Connection diameters from G ½ to G 3 and DN 40 to DN 400
  • For systems with one or more treatment lines
  • Perfect integration thanks to various interfaces, configuration options and retrofit kits


  • Protection from impermissible air flow: 
    With dropping pressure, the speed of flow in the pipework will quickly increase and potentially cause an overload of all air system components. The installation of an HPC KAESER DHS air-main charging system guarantees the required minimum pressure and ensures reliable operation particularly when re-starting the system following a shut-down
  • Gentle pressure build-up in the system: 
    A pulse width modulated control designed by HPC KAESER ensures that system intervention opening and closing sequences are performed in very small steps
  • A brilliantly simple operating concept: 
    Easy configuration in 25 languages, immediate recognition of the operating state, manual emergency-stop – time-saving features that also increase safety