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High Pressure Air Compressor Boosters

Targeted use with HPC's high pressure air compressor boosters offering greater efficiency.

For systems that require high pressure compressed air only at certain points in the production process, HPC KAESER booster compressors provide a far more efficient solution than designing an entire system to deliver high pressure compressed air.

The HPC KAESER range of high pressure booster compressors feature either an individual component solution or an operation-ready complete system:

DN C Series
 Boosters - a compact all-in-one solution and complete booster package:

  • Space-saving, maintenance-friendly and quiet
  • Constant high pressure up to 45 bar
  • Can be flexibly configured according to specific application and location
  • Ready for connection with SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller

N Series Boosters - features a wide range of versions with different outputs to help tailor the booster to a rotary screw compressor

  • Continuous high pressure up to 45 bar
  • With one, two or three cylinders
  • Increased efficiency thanks to a Premium Efficiency electric motor and intelligent cooling system

SIGMA PET AIR - the complete system for Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) container production

  • All components are operation-ready and installed on a frame
  • Straightforward transport and rapid installation
  • The use of only two compression stages results in low maintenance requirement

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