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DN C Series Boosters

A unique and compact power house with a footprint of only 2.35 m²

Featuring an innovative design and a footprint approximately half the size of previous models, the DN C Series Boosters look good both on the inside and outside. The new component layout not only ensures optimised cooling air flow, but also provides excellent maintenance access.

The SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller offers multiple monitoring and control options with a number of interfaces – including for connection to master controllers – with dynamic control.

Performance parameters:

  • 22 – 45 kW
  • Initial pressure up to 13 bar – discharge pressure up to 45 bar
  • Flow rate: 2.9 – 19.60 m³/min

Optional features:

DN C Series boosters are available in both air-cooled or water-cooled options plus versions for nitrogen recovery, or a closed variant without external air (N2 version), are also available.


Typical applications for DN C Series boosters include PET bottle production, process air applications, nitrogen production, high pressure for test stations (e.g. brakes, coolers, etc.), test stations for pressure checks, burst pressure tests, and pulse tests.


  • Compact:
    This unique compact package is space-saving and powerful: no compromises in performance, reliability or energy efficiency
  • Minimal installation effort:
    The DN C Series is delivered ready for connection to the electricity supply. The system can be configured for a large number of applications, including self-monitoring applications
  • Service cost savings:
    thanks to the innovative design with access from the front. This is made possible due to the component layout, which also reduces maintenance effort, e.g. when performing belt changes