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N Series Boosters

High performance - high pressure reciprocating compressor boosters

N-Series boosters augment existing system pressure in specific locations, elevating it up to 45 bar. HPC KAESER offers an extensive range of high-performance booster reciprocating compressors that work in perfect harmony with rotary screw compressors and SIGMA PET AIR stations.

The N-Series boosters are available with one, two or three cylinders and operate within the following performance parameters:

  • Initial pressure up to 13 bar – discharge pressure up to 45 bar
  • Flow rate: 0.27 – 20.51 m³/min

Compared to designing the entire compressed air supply system for higher pressure, the use of boosters is significantly more cost-effective for all applications that require process air with a higher degree of compression than the normal control air and supply air at specific locations. PET bottle production is an excellent example of such applications.


  • Continuous high-pressure operation:
    Innovative features such as oil pressure lubrication and intensified cylinder cooling ensure both long service life and low maintenance requirements as well as continuous system-compatible maximum pressure of 45 bar
  • Exceptionally low oil requirement:
    The high quality cylinders are plateau-honed and feature an extra layer of wear protection. These details ensure low oil consumption over the entire service life
  • For especially cool compressed air:
    The compressed air aftercoolers on the three-cylinder boosters are equipped with separate fans, which ensure low compressed air discharge temperatures. The boosters can be additionally equipped with water-cooled aftercoolers to attain even lower temperatures

N-Series Booster Versions:

  • For lower demand applications:
    The smaller models in the N-Series range are best suited to applications where low flow rates are needed at pressures up to 40 bar. These specialist reciprocating compressors are equipped with one or two-cylinder compressor blocks and are driven by high efficiency motors with up to 4 kW capacity. The quality of these units is second to none as all compressor blocks are designed, manufactured and assembled by HPC KAESER
  • For medium to large demand:
    When greater air flow rates are needed at pressures up to 45 bar then the mid-size and larger of the N-Series booster models are the natural choice. At the heart of every one of these powerhouses is a precision machined two or three-cylinder compressor block that delivers exceptional efficiency. Premium-efficiency electric drive motors up to 45 kW provide optimal energy efficiency (up to 18.5 kW: IE2, from 18.5 kW: IE3)
  • For large demand:
    The N 2001 G air-cooled versions are equipped with a separate fan-assisted aftercooler to keep the temperature differential between the inlet and compressed air (ΔT) within close tolerances. To ensure optimal cooling performance with a ΔT value of only approximately 5 K even at high ambient temperatures, the N 2001 G models can be equipped with a water-cooled compressed air aftercooler