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OEM Specialist Compressed Air Stations - 60 to 1400 l/min

Reciprocating compressors to meet OEM demands - customised for every compressed air user

For special compressed air supply requirements, HPC KAESER will put together a complete, turnkey compressed air station with custom compressed air quality, flow rate and pressure requirement specifications.

  • Flow rate 60 to 1400 l/min
  • Pressure from 7 to 35 bar

Utilising the highest quality, industrial-grade components; in special circumstances HPC KAESER will also construct a completely custom machine to meet specific individual requirements.


  • Optimally adapted to an overall system:
    HPC KAESER can actively help with implementing the compressed air station into an overall system and with interface design – to ensure that everything works in perfect harmony
  • Low energy costs with optimal service life:
    Analytic methods will determine the most effective manner of operation for a system in order to reduce operating costs
  • Support for international use:
    HPC KAESER also offer internationally-specified versions of its products. This means that corresponding national versions are taken into account right from the planning stage. Furthermore, in-depth consultation services are provided to prevent potential subsequent issues from occurring, such as lack of approvals

Application Examples:

  • Breweries - HPC KAESER industrial reciprocating compressors provide breweries with a reliable supply of compressed air compliant with food industry standards
  • Research and development - laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require compressed air of the very highest purity
  • Winter sports - in combination with snow cannons, HPC KAESER reciprocating compressors ensure ski pistes are evenly covered with snow and help to significantly extend the winter sport season in lower and mid-level resorts
  • Fire protection - HPC KAESER compressors provide the reliability that is essential for fire protection systems
  • Viticulture - the annual winter task of pruning grape vines is made much easier thanks to pneumatic pruning shears powered by reciprocating compressor systems
  • Printing - printing works rely on the reliability and exceptional performance of compressor systems to keep production costs to an absolute minimum