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WVC Series - Vacuum Boosters

WVC Series - Vacuum Boosters

WVC Series machines with a volumetric flow rate of up to 6,800 m³/hr are suited to high vacuum applications such as in pumping stations with a backing pump to increase their volumetric flow rate.

When producing high vacuum in combination with a corresponding backing pump, the WVC significanltly increases pump suction capacity and vacuum performance. The use of a frequency converter is particularly beneficial, as the converter enables simultaneous activation of rotary vacuum and backing pumps at atmospheric pressure, thereby significantly reducing pumping time.

Flow rates are available to 6800 m³/hr. The WVC Series is available with both air cooled and water cooled oil chambers (size dependent)

WVC Series: 

  • WVC180-1200 models feature air cooled oil chambers
  • WVC2500-5000 models feature water cooled oil chambers

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