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Efficient and convenient use of recyclable compressor heat

With an integrated heat recovery module, recyclable compressor heat can be used for hot air space or process heating, as well as for heating of service or process water to temperatures up to 90 °C. This makes it possible to achieve an amortisation period of less than a year.

Hot water up to +90 °C

Recovered heat energy can be used in any number of ways. Heat recovery provides warm water up to 90 °C as appropriate for specific applications.


Heat recovery a win

Amazingly, 100 percent of the electrical energy input to a compressor is converted into heat. Of this, up to 96 percent is available for heat recovery purposes.


Maximum availability despite heat recovery

During maintenance work on the water system of the heat recovery system other than the compressor, an optionally available complete internal water circuit (with pump, expansion valve, safety valve, etc.) ensures reliable compressor performance.


Reliable heat recovery for your application

For self-protection purposes, compressors with integrated heat recovery are equipped with a secondary water system. This separation into a primary and secondary water system not only ensures reliable compressed air supply availability with optimum heat recovery performance, but also provides the flexibility of coupling or decoupling the oil and jacket cooling to / from the heat recovery system according to required heating demand.