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HSD Series - Dual Compressor 1:1 Direct Drive Rotary Screw Compressors

The HSD Series feature two compressors in a single enclosure. Both units are fully equipped with 1:1 direct drive, SIGMA CONTROL 2 (SC2) controller and cooling system.

  • From 360 to 515kW
  • Pressure: 8.5, 12 or 15 bar
  • Flow rate: 10.1 – 89 m³/min (357 to 3143 cfm)

HSD Series systems are available with or without speed-controlled drive. Due to the high flow rates, they are very well suited for demand-intensive applications in the automotive sector or steel industry.


  • Versatility with minimal space requirements:
    Two compressors in a single enclosure have a greater space saving when compared to a single compressor unit with corresponding output capacity. This system optimally adapts to different demand situations, minimising idle times and increasing efficiency.
  • Double dependability:
    Each compressor unit can be operated completely independently. In the unlikely event of a unit failure, you still have 50 % of the flow rate.
  • Exceptional efficiency:
    HSD Series compressors feature Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motors and therefore provide even further energy savings.

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