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HPC KAESER Genuine Spare Parts & Service Kits

HPC KAESER Genuine Spares

To protect your investment in sophisticated new HPC KAESER compressed air equipment and to keep it operating reliably and at peak performance; HPC recommends using only Genuine Spare Parts explicitly approved and branded for your HPC equipment. These parts have been the subject of development and tests in which their reliability, safety and special suitability has been determined.

HPC’s comprehensive range of service kits feature all the service items required to complete the variety of service plans and preventative maintenance agreements that have been carefully created by HPC engineers to maintain your system in the best possible way.

Maximum reliability of the equipment is maintained by utilising these service kits. With HPC or an HPC Authorised Distributor to carry out servicing and replacement of parts throughout the life of your compressed air equipment, you will benefit directly from the investment in specialised training and have a guarantee of workmanship. This will also ensure that the equipment is operating at the very best levels of performance, saving energy costs, and that air quality is maintained to ISO quality standards ensuring downstream equipment is protected. As with HPC equipment you can be assured therefore of extremely good service right from the first point of contact and for years beyond.

All HPC KAESER Genuine Spare Parts are designed to ensure:

  • Maximum reliability of compressed air equipment
  • Equipment is operating at maximum efficiency
  • Compressed air quality is maintained to ISO standards
  • Optimum life expectancy
  • Exceptional value for money