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Factory Heating Bills

How to drastically reduce your factory heating bills for air, water and more    

As an operations manager or facility engineer, perhaps you're finding that your heating bills are really high. At the same time, have you noticed that you are wasting loads of heat energy produced by your ageing air compressor?

If so, here are some tips on how to significantly reduce your oil and gas heating bills and improve your environmental performance.

  • Recovering energy from your compressed air system

By integrating standard HVAC ductwork and controls, warm air from HPC compressors can be harnessed for many different purposes. Space heating, for example, can be regulated easily using thermostatically controlled, motorised louver flaps for venting to maintain consistent room temperature.

Rejected heat from the air compressor can also be used to heat water or fluids and there are various types of heat exchangers available, depending on the application.

  • How much can you save on factory heating?

An HPC air compressor uses relatively minimal electricity. However, we can also recover up to 96% of the residual heat and help improve your environmental footprint even further.


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