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Go Yellow Be Green

Switching to an energy-efficient air compressor can help you significantly reduce costs. Find out how…

Whether you’re keen to be greener or you’re a UK manufacturer looking to reduce overheads by thousands of pounds, switching to the most energy efficient air compressors can help.

Here are 3 things to consider when updating your electric air compressors.

  • Screw air compressors or reciprocating air compressors?

Screw air compressors are more energy efficient with lower operating costs (and electricity bills) over their lifetime. The main difference in the technology is that screw air compressors use two meshing helical screws rather than pistons driven by a crankshaft (with a lot more moving parts).

  • Energy efficient motors

The electricity used to power the motors accounts for most of the total energy used in an air compressor system, so motor efficiency is an important factor. Afterall, not all motors are created equal.

  • Energy-saving control

A sophisticated air compressor control system is where some of the biggest energy savings in a system can be achieved, with energy management systems able to identify wastage and take action.


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