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Heat Recovery

A rotary screw compressor converts 100% of the drawn electrical energy into heat. Up to 96% of this energy can be recovered.

The fully-enclosed design of modern rotary screw compressors makes them especially suitable for heat recovery. This fact applies to both fluid-injected as well as to oil-free compressors.


  • Reduced energy costs: Energy costs can account for up to 80% of life-cycle costs over the lifetime of a compressor. By using heat recovery, these costs can be significantly reduced
  • Reduce CO2 footprint: Heat recovery lowers the CO2 emissions of an organisation because energy is utilised more efficiently.

 Hot Air Utilisation

Up to 96% of the compressor's exhaust heat can be used as hot air for space or process heating purposes, for example.

To learn more about the huge savings that can be achieved using hot air heat recovery compared to fuel oil or natural gas, please refer to our Heat Recovery brochure which covers the subject in greater detail.

Moreover, with our heat recovery calculator, you can interactively calculate the usable heating energy volume of a rotary screw compressor. Click here to go to the calculator.


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