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Low-Carbon Greenhouses Select HPC Air Compressors

HPC has supplied new “World-first low carbon greenhouses” used for growing cucumbers and tomatoes in Norfolk and Suffolk with an SK25T air compressor and an AIRCENTER 13.

The ground-breaking sustainable greenhouses in Norfolk are some of the country’s largest and are warmed by residual heat from nearby water recycling centres. They required reliable air compressor solutions to provide compressed air to the two product packaging facilities onsite.   

The air compressor units are supported by a dependable service team from HPC to ensure the operation continues to run efficiently 24 hours a day.

The story behind the “low-carbon farming revolution”

At a time when businesses need to become more environmentally conscious, the two “world-first”, wastewater-heated greenhouses are described by Low Carbon Farming, the company behind them, as a “bankable template” for another 41 sites across the country. The company claims a nationwide roll-out could create more than 8,000 new jobs and invest £2.67bn into regional economies. It could also lead the nation to become self-sufficient in tomatoes and cucumbers, removing the food miles associated with importing such produce.



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