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Specific Power

The energy efficiency rating of a compressor is called Specific Power – the lower it is, the more you save in energy and money

Specific Power is the ratio of total energy used by the compressor and its compressed air output (at a stated pressure). The lower the Specific Power of your compressor, the greater the efficiency, and the higher the energy and money savings.

How is Specific Power Calculated?

The Specific Power of a compressor is the energy used divided by the compressed air output. Using this calculation, we can see that HPC’s SM13 Rotary Screw Compressor’s Specific Power is 6.4 KW/m3/min.

Energy Used ÷ Compressed Air Output = Specific Power

8.56kW ÷ 1.33m³/min = 6.4 KW/m3/min

Equivalent non-HPC compressors typically have a higher Specific Power, exceeding 7.0 KW/m3/min.


How Does This Save You Money?

The cost saving is calculated by multiplying the Specific Power by the total volume of compressed air, by the cost per kWh:

Specific Power x Total Volume Compressed Air x Cost Per kWh = £

This means that investing in a compressor from HPC saves you money in the long-term.


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